Al Baik

The locals of Telangana instantly fell in love with their first taste of Albaik after the first outlet was opened in Hyderabad city. Mr. Khawaja Nayeemuddin is the Albaik Master Franchisor of Telangana after launching two Albaik outlets in the state consecutively.

Mr. Nayeemuddin opened his first Albaik outlet in the city of Hyderabad located in the southern part of Telangana. The city, being the capital of the state, is the center of the technology industry and is also home to a diverse range of restaurants and shops. Albaik has joined the city’s list of top restaurants selling out on popular menu items on a near-daily basis. Mr. Nayeemuddin’s success in his first Albaik outlet in Telangana urged him to go bigger and opened his second branch in another city in Telangana, Nizamabad. The Telangana Master Franchisor chose well in choosing Nizamabad as the location of his second outlet as, like the first one, it was also welcomed warmly by an overwhelming number of customers. Nizamabad is the state’s third-largest city and is a popular district for major urban agglomeration.

The future is bright for Albaik’s Master Franchisor in Telangana, Mr. Khawaja Nayeemuddin, as more Albaik outlets in Telangana are among his top plans soon.

Albaik continues to capture the hearts (and stomachs) of food lovers all over India looking for tasty and hearty meals at affordable prices. Albaik is on full speed as it makes its way into becoming a staple in every Indian household. 


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