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From Which Part Of The Chicken Are ALBAIK Nuggets Prepared?

ALBAIK Nuggets are prepared from the boneless chest pieces of healthy chicken.                      (Check Out  >>> Al-Baik Food Menu)

Is The Chicken Subject To Health Control Checks?

Off course yes, we never pass any DOUBTFUL chicken to our kitchens.                                          (Check Out >>> Al-baik Gallery)

What Type Of Oil Does ALBAIK Use For Frying And How Often Is It Changed?

We only use REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL. We filter it every day and change it before it changes the odor, color, or taste of the fried chicken. However, the change is quite frequent and mostly depends on the per day sale of an outlet

Why Are The Pieces Perfectly Asymmetrical In Size?

We maintain the quantity of any item(s)/plate(s) based on its weight. Therefore, the size and shape of every item may not be the same always.

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