West Bengal Was Eagerly Waiting for Al-baik, HERE WE GO.

Al-baik is making waves in India’s food industry with stores popping up one after another and now, almost every state has at least one Al-baik outlet. West Bengal finally joins the list of states that Al-baik has successfully invaded gastronomically since it first opened in 1999. Mr. Muzammil Ayyubi is the Al-baik Master Franchisor of West Bengal as he opens the very first Al-baik outlet in the state.

West Bengal’s long wait to have a taste of delectable Al-baik is finally over as the first store is located in the heart of Kolkata city. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal in the eastern part of India. The city of Kolkata is also known as the financial and commercial hub of East India as well as being a major commercial port. As a busy hustling city, Kolkata is always full of hungry locals and travelers going about their business and in need of delicious filling food to keep them going through the day.

Al-baik perfectly fits the bill with its unique Middle Eastern palate freshly cooked and served in generous portions that will satisfy every hungry stomach in Kolkata without emptying pockets as it is super affordable. Mr. Ayyubi definitely chose well in placing the first West Bengal Al-baik branch in Kolkata as it was warmly received by the city’s consumers manifested in the outlet’s quick ROI and exponential growth. More Al-baik outlets are expected to pop up in other parts of West Bengal very soon.

Al-baik isn’t slowing down any time soon as more and more people are falling in love with its scrumptious affordable food, and it is well on its way to becoming a household name all over India.

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