Karnataka Has Fallen In Love with Al-baik with More Than 5 Outlets In A Year

Mr. Parvez Ahmad is appointed as the Al-baik Master Franchisor of Karnataka after opening five Al-baik outlets in the state in just one year. The Master Franchisor shows no signs of stopping as three more outlets are expected to pop up in Karnataka in a few months in addition to the five already-established Al-baik stores in the state.

The first Al-baik outlet in the state of Karnataka was opened in Gulbarga city where the store was welcomed with an overwhelmingly positive response from the locals, especially due to the store’s unique 3D façade and interior. With the success of the first Al-baik outlet in Karnataka, Mr. Ahmad wasted no time in opening a second Al-baik outlet in the state located in the city of Bidar. Like the Gulbarga outlet, the second Karnataka Al-baik outlet also became an instant hit. Only a few months passed until another outlet was opened in Karnataka, this time, in the heart of Bijapur. Al-baik, once again, was welcomed with much love in the city of Bijapur and was a major success. Mr. Ahmad further showed his dominance in Karnataka’s fast-food chain industry and opened his fourth and fifth Al-baik outlets in the cities of Udupi and Sindhanur. Currently, three more Al-baik outlets in the Karnataka state are in the works located at Bangalore, Shimoga, and Bhatkal.

Fast ROI is one of Al-baik’s promises to its franchisees and Mr. Ahmad’s success in opening more than five Al-baik outlets in Karnataka in just one year has proven that there is only one way to go when you choose to franchise Al-baik—and that way is up.

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