Gujarat Becomes the Next Station in the Successful Journey of Al-Baik

Al-Baik is taking India by storm as it invades the country city by city with gastronomic Middle Eastern cuisines at super affordable prices. Gujarat is the next state that has fallen victim to Al-Baik’s mouth-watering goodness. Mr. Khawaja Nayeemuddin is appointed the Al-Baik Master Franchisor in Gujarat after opening the very first Al-Baik outlet in the state.

The first Al-Baik store in the city of Gujarat is located in the heart of Anand city. Gujarat is the fifth-largest state in India and by population, the ninth-largest. As a densely populated location, it is no surprise that the Al-Baik outlet in Anand city has sold out quickly on most items on its menu after just a few days of its grand opening. Now, months after the outlet was established, the store remains full of people wanting to get a taste of Al-Baik for themselves day in and day out.

Anand city is also known as the Milk Capital of the state of Gujarat after becoming famous for its Amul milk and dairy revolution. As a district whose locals mostly fed on local Indian cuisines and dairy-rich diets, the unique Middle Eastern taste of Al-Baik was definitely a new dining experience for them. But now that they’ve had the taste of the best Middle Eastern food in India, they can’t help but come back for more of Al-Baik’s good stuff.

The first Al-Baik outlet in Gujarat increasingly grows to be more popular and successful in Anand city so much that more Al-Baik branches are expected to open in the state not too far in the future.

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