Al-baik Now Offers Marinated Chicken to Each of Its Franchise Outlets Across India

Al-baik has launched a centralized solution for all its franchise outlets in India ensuring top quality for chicken items on the Al-baik menu. Every franchise outlet will receive a constant supply of premium fresh marinated chicken to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The rate of chicken in India fluctuates daily but Al-baik, with the success of every franchise outlet in mind, offers the marinated chicken at the same standard rate all year round. This means that even when the price of chicken in the market increases, the price Al-baik charges its franchisees remains the same. With this, Al-baik’s franchise outlets can enjoy a fixed expense to account for and focus on boosting their revenue instead. Enhanced customer rapport is also guaranteed for every Al-baik franchise outlet as not only will consumers enjoy the freshness of marinated chicken, but they can also continue to buy their favorite Al-baik chicken dish at the same price, every time.

At present, Al-baik supplies an estimate of 20 tons of chicken to all of its franchise outlets across India every month. That’s how much Al-baik is loved and craved for by locals and tourists alike, all over the country. From 2022 to 2023, this 20-ton chicken supply is expected to increase five times over and reach a monthly demand of 100 tons.

Al-baik continues to assure its franchise outlets of a profitable and uncomplicated franchising experience—a promise made by Al-baik from the start of every franchising journey and a promise it intends to keep with every Al-baik outlet.

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