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Al-Baik Franchise Overview

Al-Baik Franchise. Nowadays, the business mindset has completely changed and is never like before; especially the businesses that involve with good capital need serious attention in marketing, plans, payback, and an excellent strategy. Nobody wants to afford the losses due to inexperienced hands. Especially, COVID-19 has completely changed the business world. Therefore, the franchise businesses are receiving tremendous response over the last few years due to well-prepared strategy, clarity in payback, and strong business support. Especially in India, businessmen started preferring franchise models to avoids business complications and save time to reach the desired goals.

In the fried chicken segment, KFC is one of the biggest names in the fried chicken world; however, it’s not possible to get their franchise for a middle-class person. Recently, India has witnessed several AL-BAIK outlets in different cities. Al-Baik, which is one of the most attractive brand names in the world has more than 3000 AL-BAIK outlets in India; however, can be found in different categories. Surprisingly, nobody owns the word mark “AL-BAIK” in India, not even the Saudi AL-BAIK. Few of them have started working on the franchise model; however, they failed to make it as large as it must be due to limited resources, lack of marketing plans, and low funding. If you just google AL-BAIK, it is available almost in every state of India, but unfortunately, without any godfather.

Al-Baik Registration

About more than 25-30 applicants are looking to register AL-BAIK as their business name, but everyone is being objected to by others in different classes of IP. As a result, everyone is allowed to use the word mark AL-BAIK for his/her business until it gets registered. Most of the AL-BAIK is just one private outlet which neither deals with fried chicken and never worked on the franchise model, they are just using AL-BAIK name because it is as catchy as KFC in the fried chicken franchise segment.

There are only 3 players working on the franchise model of AL-BAIK in India, the rest are just the owners of a single outlet working without any team and local menus. The legal presence and actual significance of all Al-baik(s) are beyond the scope of this article, but surely would be shared very soon in a future article(s). 

The first one is “”, which can be found from the websites and To be very honest, this guy is using our registered logo and doesn’t have any setup for the franchise business. Unfortunately, he is at the top of Google ranking and people get trapped in his fake advertisement. He will just give you spices and ask you to marinate chicken by yourself and sell it. We have to write it as we want to make everyone aware of the reality. You can contact us anytime for detailed information and pieces of evidence.

Second AL-BAIK is from Kerala (,
they seem to be good and genuine in their promises, and can be worth getting
their franchise. The total cost for the AL-BAIKINDIA Kerala franchise is around
25-35 lacs and it deals with the combined Indian and Arabic cuisines, which
makes it a casual restaurant rather than a fully QSR model.


Keeping everything in mind, AL-BAIK FOOD SYSTEM PVT. LTD. took the initiative to provide an economic solution for the fried chicken franchise in 1999 with the name “Al-BAIK”. The details can be found at and We could have made it as big as Saudi Al-baik; however, our priority is to give the best of fried chicken business in the most economical manner. Al-baik by Al-baik Food System Pvt. Ltd. Is different from all the others due to various reasons:

Started from different local chicken vendors for each state, Al-Baik Franchise now offers a centralized one-point solution for everything to all of our franchisees all over India. Centralization helped us to provide the uniform quality of chicken throughout India; also, we are able to provide one purchase rate throughout the year to our franchise outlets across India. Non-stop efforts and great teamwork resulted in more than 70 outlets across India. Afterward, Al-Baik launches its new company “Al-Baik International Limited” in Dubai to manage international operations in Nepal, Pakistan, Dubai, and Somaliland.

There is a lot of gap in the fried chicken franchise segment in India. After KFC, no other fried chicken franchise model can be considered stable; however, AL-BAIK has shown great potential in the last few years. The reasonable franchise fees, great taste, and an affordable menu for customers make us a strong candidate in the fried chicken franchise business. Especially in the medium populated cities where there is a good demand for fried chicken as KFC is still considered as an expensive outlet to be owned and for the customers too.

Hope this information can help many of our readers who are looking for the Al-Baik franchise in India. See you soon with some exciting information on fried chicken franchise businesses in India.



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