Al-Baik aims to provide customers with supreme taste and  impressive quality service

About Us (Al-Baik)

The concept leads by an entrepreneur with his vast experience in consultancy and hospitality. We believe in standard practices such as hygiene, cleanliness, fresh ingredients, quality, and service. Freshness and Quality is the key that results in a healthy and tasty experience for every customer.

Our Values

The crispy fried chicken is one of the most lovable food in the current food market. Very few competitors with such taste at affordable prices. “Now everyone can taste the best of crispy fried chicken”


Al-Baik Vision is to serve fresh, crispy, and halal chicken to the world in an economical manner.
To provide exceptional quality of freshly prepared fried crispy chicken in affordable prices.
To be a leading brand in the fried chicken world with our demanding service, quality and taste.


Al-baik was established in August 2014 under “A.B Food System”.  The company LOGO and SLOGAN is registered under IP class (43).

A B Food System

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