Al-baik about

Our History

From humble beginnings to being an internationally celebrated brand

Since the conception of its first eatery in 1999, Al-baik has always been committed to delivering exemplary taste and unmatched customer service. More than 2 decades and over 70 branches all over India and other parts of Asia later, we continue to remain true to our original commitment to our customers.

Our commitment to quality has always been our driving force to succeed. We believe that quality food isn’t made without quality initiative. While keeping true to our values, we started expanding our vision to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to establish their own profitable Al-baik franchise restaurant.

We still continue to expand in various nations. We offer our reliable name and comprehensive support to uncompromising franchisees that are dedicated to delivering high-quality food and service to the people, who share the same unequivocal diligence to quality.

About Us

Bringing fresh and high-quality meals to thousands of households in India

Al-baik restaurant chain serves high-quality food at an affordable price. Our signature Middle Eastern twist to the classic fast food items, as well as our indisputable commitment to quality and freshness, has solidified our place as a trusted food brand for thousands of households all over India.

Our Values

Superior food, quality ingredients, and expert handling

Our standard values serve as our core fundamentals of operation, which are hygiene, cleanliness, fresh ingredients, quality, and service. Unmatched in taste and affordability, we continue to provide delicious chicken dishes and alternatives to millions of appreciative consumers

Our Vision

First-rate food and remarkable service at an affordable price

Our vision is to serve the world with our delicious, fresh, and crispy Halal chicken that families and individuals can enjoy. We aim to be a leading brand in the fried chicken industry through our service, food quality, and taste while keeping our prices competitive and affordable.


Al-baik has started its journey from Mumbai in 1999

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